both sides

View of the Singapore River from opposite sides of Read Bridge

We love to run along the Singapore River in the evenings: dedicated pedestrian pathways, calming waterway, lovely scenery.

Having said this, we typically avoid this particular stretch heading towards Clarke Quay as it is crowded with people exercising and pedestrians heading to various entertainment. Since the Singapore River was cleaned up in the 1970s, both sides of the river have been developed to include restaurants, night spots and tourist attractions.

One recent morning, I decided to explore this neglected section, and happily found myself with mostly quiet, peaceful pavements.

Left Bank with Clarke Quay, in the background
Right bank, with the Civic District in the background
Lead photo was taken from this pedestrian Ord Bridge. with a view of Riverside Point on the right bank of the Singapore River. This bridge and parts of both banks are currently under refurbishment.

This post is my contribution to


    1. Thank you for noticing all the permutations of “opposite” – I didn’t actually plan for them all to happen, but as I spent time onsite and as I put the post together, it did come together for me as well. One of the joys of these challenges – the space & opportunity to discover.


    1. Thanks so much, Marie – one of the reasons I love waterways is the interesting reflections they create!

      Hee hee! I try to combine as many as I can to be more efficient & expedient – there are just so many fun & exciting challenges to participate in.


    1. I was very taken by how different it looked in the morning – when we run through the area in the evening it’s usually quite dark; the night lights are also pretty but not in the same way.


      1. Yes, many times – though not recently. I am now retired but I used to worm in the Middle East and used to go to Australia / New Zealand regularly and frequently stopped over in Singapore to break the journey for a day or two, sometimes on both the outward and return journey’s. I haven’t been travelling much since I retired (no longer earning the big Bucks!). The last time I was in Singapore was 2014. My last trip to Australia was in 2016 but I flew from London so used China Southern (as it was the cheapest!) via Guangzou instead of Emirates or SIA like previously.


        1. Looks like you’ve travelled much of the world. Not much of that going on for any of us right now.

          Thank you for filling this WP space with interesting, beautiful, thought-provoking art.


            1. Wonderful! Keep safe and well.

              P/S I have to ask: how are you able to trace the creator/artist for the street art? It is not always credited on alongside the art. I noticed most of your posts have an indication of the creator/artist.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Most (though not all) street artists have Instagram / FaceBook / Twitter accounts. Also there are many accounts dedicated to street art so there are lots of places to research artist names. Quite a few artists are very well known nationally and internationally and most of those have their own unique and instantly recognized style. That said, I do have far too many posts from ‘artist unknown’. What is really annoying is when an artist does sign their work and the signature is totally illegible and up can’t find their work posted anywhere on the internet. What is equally annoying is when you can find the image posted all over the place, but nobody else knows the name either!😎😎


                1. Yes, you must do!
                  We are making strides on the street art scene, although the permits are not easy to come by.

                  Penang is quite prolific, and Ipoh has some lovely ones as well.

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