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Meet Loving Husband and Ju-Lyn

We joke that we run so that we can continue to eat the things we enjoy.  

Loving Husband started running when he was a mere teen. I began my journey a little later, in my late 20s, inspired by his pursuit of this recreation. We find ourselves now in our 50s, with metabolisms that are not quite what they used to be, and so we help it along any way we can.  

We enjoy getting out and hitting the pavement, sometimes a trail. We are not loathe to stop to gawk or take a particularly enticing photo.

Lotus Pond, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, 7 Mar 2021

He was also an intrepid traveller as a young man: backpacking through Vietnam, journeying on the trans-Siberian, that was his idea of fun. My experiences were mostly beach resorts and diving getaways. But what drew us together in our travels is expressed in one of his travelogues: The journey begins not with the first step, but with the first reflection. I like to believe that we are both reflective folks, and we do love the outdoors & food. Along the way, we learned to give each other alone time to pursue our own interests, and develop new enthusiasms together (like visiting museum visits & local markets).

We learned to run together; we have been told that many couples find this difficult and undesirable, but it is one of our favourite parts of holidays – the morning exploratory runs.

We maintain a date run once a week, more often when he is on school holidays (he is a Special Needs Educator; I have been retired since my 30s).

Date Night, 25 Oct 2020, Elgin Bridge

At the start of the year, Loving Husband suggested that we embark on our own virtual Camino in Singapore, with the view that while we get our exercise (we plan a run around the vicinity of the 32 Catholic parishes), we will also take pause to pray. We are thrilled to visit neighbourhoods we don’t venture often, some familiar, some new. We have completed several of these outings already and have enjoyed them tremendously.

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Sundial Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Feb 2020, Photo Credit: Loving Husband

We are very fortunate to live just across the street from the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a Unesco Heritage Site. We are also just a stone’s throw from Orchard Road and Marina Bay which make for diverting city runs; these are our usual stomping grounds.

We are both born & grown in Singapore. I left when I was 15 to live in Hong Kong for a bit before heading to Waco, Texas for University. I returned to Singapore 10 years later, and shortly met Loving Husband. We have two extremely entertaining daughters who keep us on our toes: Meg is 23, Jo is just about 21.

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National Museum of Singapore, Dec 2020



    1. I am so tickled that you found me through Jo – we have been BlogFriends for a while & I love following her explorations through Algarve.

      So happy to have made this connection!

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      1. Same here Ju-Lyn! Jo was so thoughtful to recommend me to you and said I would enjoy your blog. I just met her recently through an interview at priorblog and I really enjoy her wit and humor.
        Nice to meet a fellow blogger!


  1. Nice to meet you, Ju-Lyn. I see we have many friends in common. I also see how you and your husband like to stay active. Interesting about your virtual Camino. I completed a virtual Iceland walk as part of the Conqueror Challenges. My husband and I just had our Half Corked Marathon postponed for the second time. We still count our blessings.

    I have subscribed to your beautiful and interesting blog. I look forward to learning more about you, your adventures and your reflections. Erica

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    1. So glad you’ve found your way into my space! We do indeed have many BlogFriends in common.

      Ah! Here’s our first connection: virtual challenges. I guess in this craziness, we have to make our own fun. The Conqueror Challenges have made their way to SIngaporean circles too!

      Just looked up the Half Corked Marathon – and yes, I see it has been postpone to Apr next year. It looks like such good fun, though!

      Looking forward to seeing more of you and future chats! Keep safe and well!

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  2. I ran a lot in my youth but got out of the habit once “life” started. I want to get back into it, but I’m struggling with motivation. Winters here are cold, Spring allergies make it hard for me to breathe, and summers temperatures (32ºC) and humidity (nearly 100%). That leaves Fall.

    Any suggestions on how to ease back into it? I’ve got 4kg around the waistline to get rid of. 😬


    1. I hear you …. it’s not easy when the weather is not conducive.

      The advice Loving Husband (who is the more disciplined & cognitive runner) gives to those who are starting (restarting) out is to slowly build up the mileage. Most of us do a combination of walk/runs, gradually building up fitness.

      There are lots of online resources so you might google to see how different people recommend getting started. Good luck!

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        1. When the girls were younger, we were just way too pooped after ferrying them to all the things they had to get to. Yours are still young – the world still pretty much revolves around them!!!!

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  3. Nice to meet a Singaporean. I love your State and hope to return one day when we are well out of the Covid scare. It’s a wonderful place for a holiday – despite the humidity which does affect me.

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  4. Hi Ju-Lyn,
    I wish you all the best for this new blog and for your Singapore Camino. I have lived in Singapore for some time as a kid and a young teen, and love it dearly. I love to go back with family – hopefully this pandemic will ease a bit and we will be able to travel again soon. I am following you of course!

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  5. What a beautiful journey and family that you have! I’m very excited for other stories that you’ll share with us. I feel like I’ve been to Singapore because of your stories. Is this your new website?

    Have a lovely day and be safe always ✨

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jo! I am inspired by bloggers like yourself who write so passionately about your lovely homes; I feel like I am right there with you on your walks!


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