Satay Club

Mural on Jalan Pinang

We were winding our way back to our car through Kampong Gelam when I chanced upon this gem, Satay Club, by my favourite mural artist, YC. I was delighted and stopped to admire this depiction of a satay hawkers from decades past.

YC recently had a solo exhibition, where he applied his vibrant mural style to canvas.

Satay, 2020
Acrylic on Canvas on Enamel Plates
D26 x L4 cm
D18 x L3.5 cm
D16 x L3.5 cm

My first memories of this beloved Singaporean food is as a 4 year old. squatting next to Encik (Uncle) Satay Man, after a full day of family fun at Changi Beach. As he fanned his charcoal fire to encourage the marinated meat skewers to cook, our tummies would growl as we waited impatiently. Once ready, Uncle Sam and I would compete to see who could devour more skewers. In retrospect, I think he let me win.

Satay for Loving Husband & Younger Daughter’s dinner, 20 March 2021
  • Satay is made up of marinated skewers of meat served with a peanut gravy, steamed rice cake, raw onions & cucumber
  • Satay Club refers to an open air food centre filled with hawkers all selling satay.


  1. Never thought satay was my favourite food but can’t seem to get enough of it during our present lockdown. Thankfully available here as takeaway !


  2. Isn’t this the reason we need to travel? Wonderful post and I learn so much about your food! I looked at the photo and thought what is the square white food! A new way for me to present rice! I will have to look up some peanut sauce recipes and try something similar! Thanks again for adding your food post…..we are loving it! Cady

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be so much fun, Debbie! His trails will take you to several very interesting neighbourhoods!

      Thanks for appreciating YC’s work along with me!


  3. What a beautiful mural Ju-Lyn, so much to discover in the mural!
    I love Satay, and it’s been a while since I ate it.
    Now, I really want to go to Singapore, soon, very soon… 🙂
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.


  4. I was incredibly impressed with the details of this mural. Not just the subject matter, but how incredibly detailed everything was. I could look at this mural all day long and see something new. This is fabulous. Thanks for explaining Satay, too, dear.


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