We are not waiting to travel.

Marina Bay, Aug 2020, Photo credit: Loving Husband

Who am I kidding, of course we are! The list of places we want to visit grows each week. But rather than mournfully wait, we have decided we will play tourist right where we are: Singapore.

We have joked that one day maybe we could conduct running tours of our island city; perhaps not such a far-fetched idea. Meanwhile, I hope you will come along and join us on our favourite vacation activities: running, eating, enjoying beautiful art & sights, all in our backyard.

Running shoes on!

Loving Husband & Ju-Lyn

Kingsmead Hall, Church of St Ignatius, Feb 2021, selfie by Loving Husband

Note: Images are taken on my iPhone, unless otherwise credited.


  1. Touring your own backyard is a wonderful idea. Even in my small hometown, there are places I haven’t been that I would like to visit. And there are lots of outdoor spaces I have yet to see.


  2. I love Singapore – have visited quite a few times – and look forward to seeing where you take us… (hint, my fave is Hainanese chicken rice…)


  3. I would love to come and take a running tour of Singapore. When the pandemic is over maybe you and your husband will open a running tour business! Marina Bay looks beautiful!

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  4. I love this…not the running part…lol, but touring your backyard….we forget all that we have right in our own towns and cities. I think the idea of a “running tour” could be popular. Thanks for visiting my blog. We can’t wait to travel more too, though we have done a bit to see family.


  5. Singapore is on my wish list to visit. We’ve only had pit stops at the airport.
    This is what we had at the Malaysian restaurant – I had the Creamy butter king prawns and Jose had the Sizzling Black Pepper Beef. Sadly they had run out of dessert already 🙂


    1. You and I are both big fans of our Botanic Gardens – there is just so much to see and admire! I haven’t been to the Night Safari myself, but my friends & family who have love it!


  6. The best thing in Singapore is the FOOD! Char kway tiao is that how you spell it? I have tasted it here in Melbourne everywhere but nothing beats the authentic taste. I am gonna follow you now.


  7. Wonderful! I am so fascinated by Singapore, which from afar looks to be both old and futuristic at the same time. I am thinking of using the city as the basis for a city in my upcoming fantasy novel, as yet untitled. So looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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  8. My husband and I visited Singapore a couple of years ago (it was my 4th time!) we love Marina Bay and we did the Southern Ridges walk – quite a challenge in the heat and humidity – but some beautiful scenery.


    1. Am so glad to hear you enjoyed your last visit – hopefully you can return for your 5th visit soon. I love the Southern Ridges – when we go, it is typically before 7am …. else the heat is excruciating!


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