season of healing

Happy Place, Happy Space

I appreciate so much your positive thoughts & well-wishes for recovery from the torn calf muscle. We made an appointment to see my Physiotherapist next week. To my pleasant surprise, I received a message a few days later that she had an opening yesterday, on Saturday morning: would I like it?

I certainly did. Loving Husband cleared his schedule (he usually has remediation sessions with students on Saturdays) to drive me there & support my session.

While waiting for our appointment, we walked around the very green & lovely garden,

The prognosis is positive: very treatable, said Magic Hands Physio. After working on the affected & surrounding muscles, she taught me exercises for strengthening & prevention. Next week, perhaps, I can go slowly back to running.

Pretty Kinesio-tape to aid in healing

🌸 🌸 🌸

With the excitement of recovery & rehab, Joyful Post links will take a break this weekend. They will return next Sunday.

🌸 🌸 🌸

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  1. That colorful tape is pretty and amazing how these trained professionals know just what to do for some injuries – and hope you are doing well this week and hat it heals fully


      1. I think you model the perfect balance of the way to embrace doctors / don’t run to them (or walk- or limp ) so quickly and at first try – but then explore to see if their expertise are needed.
        I think doctors in the area of physio and orthopedics and therapy can be brilliant – in contrast – I think many doctors are clueless about Chronic conditions and gut health.


  2. Happy healing Ju-Lyn and funnily enough I know how you feel though my calf issues are due to sciatica. Glad to say that I was able to walk up Mt Eden this morning with little problems. No physio’s open here in Auckland. Those people with too much time on their hands creating mischief online are a nuisance aren’t they! Glad you and the team sorted it.


    1. So happy to hear from you Suzanne – and so sorry to hear about your sciatica (which I’ve been told is a bummer when it flares!). But if you were able to walk up Mt Eden (I looked it up), you must be doing more than fine! The view must have been stunning!

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  3. Hi Ju-Lyn,

    I was sorry to hear of you being in pain. I’ve told my back condition of several years ago had similar pain but proved to be very easy to prevent by a simple surgery which I agreed to and woke up pain free.

    I hope something comes your way to prevent a repeat of what you went through. If your pain was anything like mine, I should be on my knees praying for your quick healing and recovery.

    I have an odd joy to share this week. It’s my coffee share from last weekend and tells the quick story of how a software bug threatened a lot of people but the team I work with saved the day.

    I hope you would enjoy how I shared this story.

    Coffee Share 211016: The Magnitude of Unseen Things



    1. This enterprising couple made it easy to find delight in every turn & corner. Apart from physio & exercise therapy, they have a studio for group exercise classes. They also have a corner to display single malt whiskeys for sale, as well as plants & chilli pastes.


  4. Glad to hear you’ve got an earlier physio appointment and prognosis is good. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.


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