it was to be an adventure

Best Laid Plans

We had an adventure planned yesterday morning: to seek out the Bukit Brown Cemetery from the MacRitchie Nature Park carpark. I hadn’t even run 10 steps when the muscle in my left calf popped again: 3rd time in 2 weeks.

I was so pleased that my recovery was going well fuelled by the well-wishes from Loving BlogFriends.

Just a couple of days ago I was in the Rainforest of the Singapore Botanic Gardens celebrating Day 1 of the Ground Zero Run: where we will run 100km in 30 days to raise awareness & funds for Mercy Relief.

And then, this happened: Dismay. Disappointment. Exasperation. Hobbling back to the car (fortunately I didn’t have far to go), Loving Husband and I decided it’s time to pay our Magic Hands Physiotherapist a visit.

Meanwhile, it ‘s back to icing, resting, stretching, walking. Back to baby steps.

🍂 🍂 🍂


  • Feature photo is a quirky stool we pass as we enter the MacRitchie Nature Trails. It’s tiny and I’ve never seen anyone sitting on it. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to run here and it looks like with this injury, it might be a while more before I am back on the trail.


  1. Oh Ju-Lyn, you seem to be prone to this injury. Is it that it hasn’t fully healed? Or an underlying mechanical issue causing it? I do hope it is sorted as it is obvious how much you like running.
    The leaf next to the feet – was it painted or a real leaf that size?


    1. You are right in all counts Amanda! This series of injuries stems from one; the others were just recurrences due to incomplete healing. And the root cause is my gait which resulted in an imbalance in my glute muscles. You must have experience in this area to hit the nail right on the head!

      The leaf is for real. Really really big! My feet are normal sized – US 7 ladies


      1. Hmm. I used to be an assistant physiotherapist who dealt with gait issues, so I have some knowledge of the implications as we age. These mechanical imperfections are never a problem until we get older and that unbalance accumulates over time causing damage. I assume you have a strenthening exercise regime?


        1. Ah! How exciting! Something new about you, Amanda!

          Yes, ageing, something we often forget is happening. Loving Husband has advocated strength work for years now, so I do have a regime of sorts. What happened after the initial injury was that compensation created an imbalance in my left glutes. So have been working hard to get that muscle back. And the corrected walking gait is magic – can’t believe that I’ve been walking wrong for more than 50 years! and I always wondered why I was such a poor walker.


  2. I’d be careful sitting on that little seat….that looks like an ants nest creeping up the side ! Ooh, I feel your pain…that happens to me too. Worst time was in London when I was rushing to catch a train….OUCH! and I was on my own


          1. I was just trying to stay off my leg. It wasn’t easy getting off the bus at the end and I had to hobble/limp around.I actually had to have a steroid injection in my Achilles’ tendon yesterday as it is currently inflamed….same leg!!


  3. oh no how frustrating, although at least it happened as you were leaving as that seat would have been a bit too small to rest/recover on if it had happened on arrival!


  4. Oh, Ju-Lyn. How disappointing and frustrating. I wish you all the best on a sound and speedy recovery. I hope during your convalescence that your own blog posts give you an armchair view of all the places you love. Cheering you on!


    1. I feel very encouraged – thank you for your uplifting words & cheer! The new perspectives rehab have offered are invaluable and entertaining – suddenly, I notice many people are imbalanced in the way they move!


    1. Thanks so much Tracy. Apparently there is a better way to walk than I’ve been doing. Go figure! After 50 years of thinking I am a bad walker (that’s what I tell people …. because if I walk to much, my hips ache … running is just fine, though).

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  5. Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that you are injured. I hope it heals quickly. That seat is cute and that leaf is super duper big. It looks like a maple leaf, but if it is, it’s the largest maple tree I’ve ever seen. Either that, or those are dolls feet beside of it. LOL


    1. It does look like a maple leaf, doesn’t it? But it’s part of our rainforest in Singapore, so I’m thinking not. It really is that large though, because those are my feet, and I am a size US 7

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