enjoying the new garden

Happy Place, Happy Space

The much awaited Gallop extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens officially opened on 13 March. I explored it twice this past Friday: once in the morning when I was out for my run; another time in the evening, with Loving Husband on his run.

Delighting in art: sculpture outside the Botanical Art Gallery. “Contract” by Sir Antony Gormley

Su‘s Special moments started me thinking about “recording the experience of art”, not only of the art itself. I found this idea thought-provoking and it stirred something within. I will be thinking on this for a long while yet.


Reading your Joyful Posts brings me to my happy place. I hope having them in one place makes it easier for you to find when you need a bit of happy therapy, too.

If you would like to join in, ping back to this post and I will include you next week.


Lead Photo is the view of the Forest Discovery Centre from the Botanical Art Gallery


This post is my contribution to Life in Colour: Green hosted by Jude at TravelWords and Natalie the Explorer‘s Weekend Coffee Share.


  1. I’m glad the idea resonates with you too. Couldn’t help noticing the sculpture: by Anthony Gormley I think; there are two very similar works in Christchurch, gifted after the earthquakes.


    1. Googled Antony Gormley’s work – it could very well be one of his.

      I couldn’t find a plaque anywhere near the sculpture – I am planning to visit the Botanical Art Gallery (building right next to it) sometime soon; maybe someone there will be able to confirm the sculptor.

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        1. I know, right? I usually try not to leave images in the blog uncredited because I think it’s right to credit those who worked so hard.

          But I’ve noticed many sculptures in public spaces in Singapore lack an info plaque.

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            1. Sigh. And it doesn’t seem to bother most folks. It’s like we are on our one-person crusade, at times.

              Case in point, we visited the Botanical Art Gallery this morning (where the sculpture is found). I asked the person at Information about the sculptor – she said she didn’t know, did I check the website? yes, I said. Then you must write the National Parks Board (governing body of the facility) and ask them.

              I did that. Let’s see if we get any satisfaction in that quarter.

              There was another uncredited piece indoors – this one a video installation. Older Daughter and I were shaking our heads in disbelief. I included this in my email to the National Parks Board.


    1. Thanks so much, Kristin.
      Again, one of the terrible incompatibility problems between Blogspot & WordPress – so sad. Thanks so much for persisting and visiting anyway.


  2. Such a beautiful green space, Ju-Lyn. I like the building architecture and the sculpture, too. Thank you for the mention and for linking up with #WeekendCoffeeShare.


  3. That’s some green lawn there Ju-Lyn and what a beautiful building. Is that the art gallery? Nice to have such tranquil setting to exercise in, I guess it is free to enter?


    1. Thanks so much Jude!
      The buildings you see is the Forest Discovery Centre. The Botanical Art Gallery is behind me. They are very similar in style. I believe they are free to enter – we hope to be visiting both in the next few weeks.

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