wheels are rolling

Monday Musings on Wednesday

Pondering over Wheels (One Word Sunday‘s prompt for this week), I spotted these recycling & trash bins along one of my run routes earlier this week.

I am so excited for the distribution of the BlooBox to all households in Singapore.

I picked up mine today.

It doesn’t change our recycling process, but I appreciate the efforts by the National Environment Agency to educate & encourage recycling across all households: I am also glad to know that we have been recycling correctly. It feels like the wheels are turning in the right direction towards caring better for our environment.

Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” stridently loops in my head as I further consider wheels turning. I didn’t know this song was written by John Fogerty and first performed by his band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, whose rendition I offer below.

sleep gives way to break
first light roiling the river
too late to begin?

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Wheels hosted by Debbie Smyth at Travel with Intent.


  1. Our recycling bins on Vancouver Island are very similar to the wheeled ones in your first photo. Our large blue one is for general recycling (excluding glass and compost), our green one is for compost and our black one is for landfill (which we try to keep to a bare minimum).


  2. Very well done with the recycling. In Germany, this is very much a part of the culture and waste segregation is an institution. I do not understand why this is very hard to implement in The Ph.


  3. This line made me feel like cheering: “It feels like the wheels are turning in the right direction towards caring better for our environment.” Yay!!! Love that song, and I think it is mostly associated with Tina Turner, who does a terrific, energetic rendition. However, the excellent Credence Clearwater did first perform it. You’ve got me on a Credence binge, and I’m now listening to “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.”


  4. I am glad that recycling is being encouraged in Singapore Ju-Lyn. It is so easy to do but some people still don’t get it unfortunately. I hope the Blooboxes will get people to think and act. The lady who they interviewed is doing a good job if she can get her neighbours to get with the program. More people like that are needed. 🙂
    Proud Mary is a great song


  5. Funny, I don’t know if I realized Tina Turner did a version of Proud Mary. I may have heard it, but don’t remember. The CCR version was hugely popular when I was kid, even years after it was released you’d hear it everywhere all of the time.


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