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Happy Place, Happy Space

YC, one of my favourite mural artists, posted a work in progress.

Loving Husband & I found ourselves with a couple of hours when Younger Child was at dance practice so decided that we would go take a look.

“I think I know where it is” was what I confidently told him. Being a good sport, he obligingly meandered & detoured through more than a few side streets before we eventually found ourselves not quite where I had thought the mural was. We did, in the process, walk through interesting bits of Little India we’d not ventured to before.

Photo credit: Loving Husband’s quirky view of our hunt.

According to his instagram, YC’s work is done. Traces of his presence & equipment were still there, particularly the cherry picker – I can’t imagine braving the rain & sun, being up there for a whole month working meticulously on this enormous mural.

{T}he large mural I am painting at Arya Samaj, in Little India … depicts the story of the Hindustani community in Singapore.

The place is very photogenic, especially high up on the boom lift where my large portraits juxtapose with the skyline, grubby alleys and tree canopies. The portraits are the largest I have painted in Singapore.

Below is a unique mix of sights and smells too. There are migrant workers relaxing under the shades, groups of visiting students learning about the migrant worker communities, blasting music, and the strange mix of smells from the nearby food and drains. The place pulsates with energy.

Though these photos look sunny, it rained almost everyday, which added to the rhythm of the process!
YC Yip

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  1. What a beautiful mural with so many details. I enjoy your LH’s quirky photos, too. Good for you to persevere and him to stay patient. Thank you for your weekend coffee share and PPAC contribution.


    1. Pleasure to join your mural hunt Debbie! You have brought me so many from my favourite bits of London!

      Little India is chock full of fun murals (which do change through time, like at Brick Lane) so I hope you get to return to Singapore sooner!


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