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Roundup of The Changing Seasons, January 2023

This week begins the season of Lent in the Catholic Church. I am following Deacon Damian Torres-Botello, SJ’s 2023 Lenten Retreat: “Who do you say that I am?” on Jesuit Post.

A tough opening question: Who do I say He is?

I look forward to exploring my identity as a child of God, and what it means to be His. If you observe this season, please pray with me as I journey through the 40 days of Lent:

Day by day
Oh, Dear Lord
Three things I pray
To see thee more clearly
Love thee more dearly
Follow thee more nearly
Day by day

From “Godspell”, sung by Robin Lamont, prayer originally written by St Richard of Chichester 

It’s almost time for The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is coming soon on 28 February 2023 (7:00 am, Singapore time). Hope you will join Brian and I for a wrap-up of February 2023 (follow this link to find out more about The Changing Seasons).

Thank you to those who shared their January 2023 with us:



  1. This post is my contribution to
  2. Images taken this morning on my run round the corner to Peirce Hill.


  1. I always marvel at God and His ways and love. Hope your Lenten journey and ponderings about who God says you are lead to joy and peace. That’s a great question to ask, because really who God says I am is what really counts.


    1. Hey Natalie – I’m not sure how I missed your response … my attempts at better keeping up with correspondance is sadly lacking.

      Both sunrises & sunsets never fail to illicit gratitude & wonder in me too!

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