Roundup of The Changing Seasons, February 2023

One of my favourite sights on Swan Lake when I run through the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

“Flight of Swans” (2006), Eng Siak Loy

Swan Lake was a favourite hangout of our kiddies. Back when they were toddlers, we would find ourselves feeding fish, turtles and sometimes the resident pair of swans with leftover bread.

Loving Husband & I often speculated who would be first in the water. Although we have seen other children fall in, we haven’t had the privilege of fishing ours out.

There are now signs which request no feeding of the wildlife.

The following song often runs through my head when I catch sight of this sculpture, although it is a flight of swans, and not geese. Although we haven’t been to a campfire, the children and I used sing it in rounds.

My paddle's keen & bright
Flashing like silver 
Follow the wild goose flight
Dip dip and swing
~ Canadian campfire song, written by Margaret Embers McGee~

It’s almost time for The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is coming soon on 31 March 2023 (7:00 am, Singapore time). Hope you will join Brian and I for a wrap-up of March 2023 (follow this link to find out more about The Changing Seasons).

Thank you to those who shared their February 2023 with us:


This post is my contribution to Water Water Everywhere hosted by Photos by Jez and One Word Sunday: Flight hosted by Travel with Intent.


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