Happy Place, Happy Space

It has been a merry week: time with for shenanigans with our various visitors.

Enjoyed several more breakfast dates with my siblings; took them to visit the work of two of my favourite muralists, YC Yip & Alex Face.

🌼 🌼 🌼

Younger Child had a baking date with Fellow Foodie Friend visiting from London.

🌼 🌼 🌼

Loving Husband and I got some good runs in … some in the rain

🌼 🌼 🌼

Reading your Joyful Posts brings me to my happy place. I hope having them in one place makes it easier for you to find when you need a bit of happy therapy, too.

If you would like to join in Happy Place, Happy Space, ping back to this post and I will include you next week

🌼 🌼 🌼

This post is my contribution to


  1. Just so amazing to meet you and the ones closed to your heart, along with the lovely skies and run in the rain.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with my challenge, Ju-Lyn πŸ™‚


  2. Fabulous happy post Ju-Lyn, I love the mirror shot and the mural recreations πŸ™‚ so much fun was had by the looks of things. Thanks for including my happy post about being in the sunshine :). We’re now home and it’s a bit cold and not sunny!


  3. Ju-Lyn, your post is filled with such joy and delight. I love the feature photo of you and Loving Husband: how happy to see you without a mask! The picture of you in the rain is charming. And the photo of you both in the road-mirror is fabulous. I also enjoyed seeing your siblings imitating the mural; my sister and I used to do that too! And clearly Younger Child’s talent keeps growing. Finally, thank you for mentioning my post! I hope you have another wonderful week!


    1. Appreciate so much you delighting over my week with me … it was indeed one filled with many highlights and memories which I will continue to unpack for many many weeks to come.


  4. This is such a happy post, Ju-Lyn. I smiled through the entire post. I loved the way your siblings interacted with the murals. The one sitting made me look twice to see if that was part of the mural! I love that you ran in the rain! You are brave. I’d be afraid of slipping! I’m such a klutz. πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking to PPAC this week. Fabulous photos! πŸ™‚


  5. Lovely to see you all enjoying such a fun-filled week Ju-Lyn and thank you so much for the mention too! πŸ’œ xxx


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