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Surprise Bundle from Ugly Food

UglyFood was founded … with a mission to eliminate food waste and revamp the food ecosystem. Our aim is to make sustainability a part of people’s everyday lives. We operate in the fruits and vegetables space by selling excess or ugly produce, our own branded products, and sustainably sourced goods … We stand strongly for beauty being more than skin deep.

Ugly Food: Eat Sustainably, for the Better Good

I love my Ugly Food Surprise Bundles!

Not only do I get to help eliminate food waste, I am challenged to research & cook with unusual ingredients (eg, nopales, ice plant, Japanese bean seedlings). Also, I have expanded our cooking/dining repertoire when presented with a generous amount of an ingredient.

This past bundle brought a huge amount of mushrooms: Shitake (from bottom left, going clockwise), Portobello, Oyster King, Brown Swiss- Cremini, shimeji brown & shimeji white (centre)

I woke up the next day dreaming of mushrooms. All run long I thought of what I would make when I got home.

Before breakfast was even entertained, I sauteed up a mix of Shitake, Oyster King & Swiss Browns (Feature Photo, from bottom, clockwise) to use on pasta, sandwiches & whatever might tickle my fancy.

We are still working slowly on our huge stash.

🍄 🍄 🍄

I was very taken with Manja at Embarassment of Riches’ This day in my Blogging History segment at the end of each of her posts. It inspired me to go back to look at some of my old posts; to chuckle in reminiscence and to gape at some of the things which caught my attention then. So here is my This day (or one closest to) in My Blogging History:

🍄 🍄 🍄

This post is my contribution to What’s On Your Plate Challenge hosted by Deb at The Widow Badass & Donna at Retirement Reflections


      1. I would like to make the beetroot/mushroom beef wellington with a plaited puff pastry case but as it needs to be gluten free, I am going to try making a crepe out of roti with tapioca flour and use the filling like a crepe filling. Have you ever made roti, Ju-Lyn?


        1. Sounds divine! and such a challenge!
          I haven’t made a roti per se – I regularly make a flatbread but with wheat flour. I don’t have much experience with non-wheat flours (apart from rye, buckwheat & spelt which I only use in my bread loaves).

          I would love to see how your masterpiece turns out!


  1. I’m crazy for mushrooms. Each thanksgiving, I cook loads the Italian way, with olive oil, salt (to draw the moisture), garlic and crushed red pepper. Finally, my son Nate tried them. He said, “It never would touch them because they looked so ugly in the serving bowl, but I saw you made them from fresh ingredients, so I tasted one. They are SO good!” Now I have to share…

    Keep up the good Green work of using those “ugly” foods. I admire your adventurousness!


  2. Ahh, I’m truly happy to learn that you found this idea inspirational. I’ve been doing it since May, adding my blogging memories at the end of my posts like this, and I find it so satisfactory and eye-opening and entertaining. Maybe you’ll be inspired to continue with this practice. Thank you kindly for linking to me!

    I find it especially interesting to learn of the Ugly Food idea in the same post. This says so much about us as a species, how much we rely on visual pleasure, disregarding the contents. I’m so happy that you are getting surprise bundles! It makes me wish to make my own Ugly Truth Surprise Bundles. 😀 I could name my next blog this.


  3. Wow, what a stash of mushrooms! They don’t keep well so I’d have to use them quickly. Wishing you a happy festive season, Ju-Lyn. I know it will be full of good things to eat.


    1. I’ve realised that some varieties keep better than others. I had to use up my Swiss Browns in a hurry but the shitakes & Oyster Kings seem to be doing just fine, even a week later.

      Thank you Jo – wishing you a fabulous trip & time with family. Travel safe!


  4. This post makes me so happy. I’m so glad that this business exists. I’m happy you get to experiment with new foods. I’m delighted that it makes you so happy as well. I wish I could be there to try these new things. You know I love trying new things. 🙂


  5. I love the idea of an Ugly Food box! In the stores here you can pick up bags of “perfectly imperfects” in some grocery stores. Mushrooms are a fave of mine, especially sautéed! Delish! Thanks for joining us!



  6. Hi, Ju-Lyn – Those mushrooms have a wonderful texture. They made me want to reach through my computer screen and touch them. Cheers for Ugly Food (and lack of waste). Thank you for linking up to #woypbc. We’re glad you’re here!


    1. Thank you for hosting us, Donna!
      Appreciate so much your encouragement, particularly about the mushroom pic – I wasn’t sure about whether I should have picked another feature photo. You have put my mind at ease.


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