Victoria Concert Hall & Theatre

Thinking about Time: where it has gone, where it is going, how much do I have left, what am I doing with it, what will we remember about this crazy time in our together-story. Making it count.

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall captured in January 2021 at the Light to Night Festival in the Civic District.

One of the things I have missed in the past year and a half: attending live concerts in venues like this.

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  1. Love the lighting on that beautiful building. I find myself thinking a lot about time too; driven for me by so many whanau members falling sick. Hope you and yours are all well


    1. It is such a challenging time, Su, particularly when our loved ones are in distress – sending you a big hug.
      We are all well this month, thank you for asking & thinking of us.


    1. This festival comes annually and we so look forward to it as it lends a different dimension to the lovely buildings.

      Thank you for appreciating the song & video – Imagine Dragons has become quite a favourite of mine since this past year or so …. I think their post-apocalyptic vibe appeals to my funk these days.

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    1. Night time is actually my favourite time in the Civic District – they have done a marvellous job lighting up the buildings, even when there isn’t a festival going on.

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