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The Changing Seasons: February 2021

This was a month of trying new things: exploring new neighbourhoods, styling food for photography, dreaming up new bakes; and of course, launching this new blog.

As part of our SG Camino runs, we explored the Whampoa housing area. Kolam Ayer Bridge was given a fun coat of paint. Found along the Kolam Ayer ABC Waterfront, this is the first project under the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme launched in 2008, transforming utilitarian reservoirs and canals into beautiful and clean spaces for the public to enjoy.

First time I stacked my pancakes. First time we styled a food photo (thank you Loving Husband for dribbling the syrup nice & slowly).

PrincessBaker Younger Daughter & I created 2 new bakes for the Easter season: Springtime Brownies (dark chocolate brownies topped with marshmallows) & Hot Cross Blondies (chewy blondies studded with orange peel, raisins, walnuts, topped with a zesty lemon cross).

This post is my contribution to


    1. Thanks so much for popping in over here, Tracy! Appreciate so much your encouragement – I don’t always have the foresight to do interesting things with my food; unfortunately I am typically halfway through my meal before I even think about taking a photograph. I am trying to remember better …

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  1. Wow that pancake looks so inviting. Through this blog I am finding out that lots of our husbands are very supportive of what we love doing…even just by pouring the maple syrup haha


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