a little art at Gilman Barracks

Artventure with Baroque Archipelago

ArtLoving Daughters and I visited the Mizuma Gallery this past week to view Baroque Archipelago before they moved on 7 March 2021.

TOTON, Tidak Lulus Sensor 04, 2020, C-print on photo paper, embroidery on silk organza, 42 × 33 cm (unframed)

I was very taken by the title of of this group exhibition which features six Indonesian artists and designers; it references both the baroque pearl as well and the Indonesian archipelago:

Baroque Archipelago brings contemporary art and fashion in conversation with one another, to illuminate parallel approaches in creation and exploration of current issues … Turning on ideas of adornment, desire and difference, Baroque Archipelago shines a spotlight on Indonesian creatives reinterpreting and reworking Indonesia’s rich traditions

Mizuma Gallery

LULU LUTFI LABIBI, Lurik Sewindu Bercerita, 2019, handwoven textile, 68 x 2400 cm

There was a sense of the familiar: some of these works reminded me of the lace my maternal grandmother used to make and wear as a nonya. But there was a novelty in the forms taken and materials used.

Octora, Nyonya’s Armour, 2008, metal, set of 6 pieces, dimensions variable, approx. 80 × 50 × 30 cm each.

Note: Gilman Barracks was a former military barracks dating back to 1936. It is now home to leading international and home-grown galleries, and art organisations.


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