Roundup of The Changing Seasons, March 2023

Younger Child’s dance practice was in the evening, so Loving Husband and I took the opportunity to run around the neighbourhood, venturing a little further this time to the waterfront as well as the Kampong Gelam area.

I love it when I turn the corner and tada! Art. I don’t recall Haji Lane filled with such excitement the last time we drove by – again, demonstrating that exploring on foot is superior.

Easily the most famous wall mural at Haji Lane and undisputedly the wall that started the vibrant street art scene here, … the work of Didier Jaba Mathieu, a Colombian-born graffiti writer and street artist. … Inspired by his travels and experience … Mathieu brings the richness and vibrancy of Mexican culture to life in his murals.

It’s almost time for The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is coming soon on 30 April 2023 (7:00 am, Singapore time). Hope you will join Brian and I for a wrap-up of April 2023 (follow this link to find out more about The Changing Seasons).

Thank you to those who shared their March 2023 with us:



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  1. Ju-Lyn, Thank you for your PPAC contribution. I love the colourful murals. I agree ‘exploring on foot is superior’. I hope to join you for April The Changing Seasons.


    1. Recently I’ve come across muralists at work – it really is battling the elements: heat, rain, huge spaces to work with. I have even more respect for them now.


      1. That is really cool to see it in action. To me, murals seem to just magically appear. And respect, for sure. Perhaps you could offer to bring one a cool drink on a hot day. 🙂 Or an ugly fruit! 😉


  2. After visiting Colombia recently I’m not at all surprised to read that is the work of a Colombian artist – they really do love vibrant colours! Thank you for linking to my post 🙂


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