healthy bowls & nostalgic waffles

one outing in a month-long celebration

It’s that time of year when Younger Child celebrates a BirthMonth.

Here is the Happy Younger Child with her Birthday Badge (on her actual birthday) & gift from a Fellow March Baby, with whom we shared this outing.

Cheers! to the 2 celebrants, with their matching bracelets.

Our first stop was to Bamboo Bowls. We love this “fast food” cafe for its delicious noodle & rice bowls, as well as their green forward dining philosophy.

All their bowls are named after cities; I had their new bowl “Taipei”: “A taste of Taiwan – pearl brown rice topped with bb’s braised plant-based mince, soy-marinated egg, bok choy in garlic sauce and pickled cucumber”

Changing the game of fast food … We collaborate with celebrated chefs to create Asian-forward healthy food, conveniently served in bowls and accessible to all…

We have developed better-than-sugar creations in our bowls that don’t compromise flavour…

Enabled by tech, the bamboo experience is 100% contactless and quicker. By reducing the time and materials wasted in taking orders manually, we are able to focus more on the quality of food while achieving affordable prices…

Our bowls & cutleries are compostable and recyclable.

Bamboo Bowls

Wrapped up with dessert at The Daily Scoop

The staff were very sweet to offer us a candle when they found out it was a birthday. We had lava chocolate cake with Summer Strawberry ice cream, and a churros waffle with Maple Crisp ice cream.

I haven’t had this churros waffle in a long while. It used to be a family favourite and we had it almost weekly when the children were younger – it really was a nostalgic blast to the past.

A happy outing indeed.


  1. A very happy birthday to youngest child and her friend. What a fun, tasty celebration! I really enjoyed reading about Bamboo Bowls and how they are trying to minimize their waste. Plus, the food looks so good. I’m a huge fan of food with rice and noodles. Then come the sweets! A delightful way to end, and my mouth sure was watering.


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