Monday Musings

On Saturday when I explored the part of the Kallang River near Younger Child’s dance class, I stopped at the sight of this fascinating industry.

Back in the 1970s, squatters, hawkers and manufacturing industries crowded the banks of the {Singapore} river, leading to severe pollution … Clean-up took 10 years … {and} involved a massive relocation of about 4,000 squatters, along with hawkers and vegetable sellers, … hundreds of bumboats ferrying goods from warehouses along the river to cargo ships out at sea were moved to a new lighter anchorage, … foul-smelling mud also had to be dredged from the banks and the bottom of the river, and debris and other rubbish cleared.

5 interesting facts about the Singapore River clean-up, The Straits Times

Cleaning & upkeep of a clean river continues even today: washing the river clean.

Driven by the vision of sparkling rivers with landscaped banks, kayakers paddling leisurely in the streams with clean waterways flowing into the picturesque lakes, Singapore has undertaken the challenge of transforming into a City of Gardens and Water.​​

ABC Waters Programme (Active, Beautiful, Clean)

Pondering over Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Wash/Washed/Washing, I am reminded of this song the children used to sing in their Music & Movement class. It brings back memories of bathtime entertainment.

scrub scrub scrub a dub dub
scrub it spotless
wishy washy wishy washy whee!

run the water, lather the soap
happy birthday to you
wishy washy wishy washy whee!

wipe off the stain
disinfect the smears
wishy washy wishy washy whee!

till you are left squeaky clean
and not much else as well
wishy washy wishy washy whee!

This post is my contribution to Debbie at Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday: Wash/Washed/Washing


    1. Isn’t it cute & catchy? One from the kiddies’ childhood I remember well. And yes, Donna, to think the Clean up took so long – I did not know this before. It is good to know that upkeep is done!

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    1. We certainly derive great joy from this project. It did take a very long time to get it all done – and looks like quite an effort to maintain. It does bring a smile & hope to me too!

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  1. This was one fascinating post. I had no idea that such a machine existed. I have never seen them in Maine. Glad the clean-up was such a success. In Maine, river clean-up, brought about by the national Clean Water Act, involved stopping industry from dumping waste into the rivers. Amazing how soon wildlife returned once the dumping stopped. Finally, what a cute song. Made me smile to listen to it.

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    1. Appreciate your visit & sharing Maine’s water cleanup efforts! I’m not sure how much impact our clean up had on wildlife per se, but we are certainly enjoying pleasant walks & runs & lots of other recreation along the water way!

      So glad to have you delight in the song – it is one from their childhood I remember very well!

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