sparks fly

Monday Musings

Rain washed out our Sunday morning run. I popped out on an overcast afternoon for a quick turn around the neighbourhood only to be met mid run by heavy rain. I love running in the rain so it didn’t bother me; until the thunder & lightning started their duet.

Feeling a little panicked as the thunder sounded closer and closer, I nipped into St Georges Church to shelter in a little pavilion next to the main church.

Grateful for the respite and relief, I stood there for quite a few minutes listening to the thunderstorm and the angelic singing that wafted from the main church. It would not be an exaggeration to say I had a spiritual moment.

Further gratefulness when I received a text from Loving Husband offering rescue by car. As I was only 5 minutes away from home, I told him I would just wait it out. It was half an hour more before I made it safely home, as I gingerly ran between shelters amidst the rain and persistent lightning & hair-raising thunder.

In reflection, I give thanks for those who provide me sanctuary & refuge each day.

sparks fly

bolts across above around
seed of fear ignite 
awe terror worship wonder
incite grateful reverence

This is St Georges on a sunny day; taken last year, not during the rainy season.

This post is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Spark(s) hosted by Debbie at Travel with Intent


    1. I figured Loving Husband was in the middle of a call, and he would be sooooo drenched if he came just to pick me up (the rain was extremely wind-swept!).

      No, not particularly cold so it was fine in that regard. It would be bad if it was shivery kind of temps too!

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  1. Looking at your pictures I’m reminded of the heavy rains in Singapore. Nothing here in Canada compares to that kind of deluge. More than once I’ve been caught swimming in the rain 🙂


    1. Thank you … I had to make the final stage of the journey home still in heavy rain – but by that time, many others were also venturing out from various shelters, so I figured I would chance it!


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