Monday Musings

Pondering over Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt: Red.

I have been thinking about pink cake (Dorie Greenspan’s Cranberry Spice Bundt) ever since we decided to bake for my parent’s 56th anniversary celebration. Is pink red enough? What I thought was a simple question returned more information than a Yes, or No, and down that rabbit hole I tumbled.

Is pink just a shade of red? Nope, it is in fact, a tint of red (lighter versions of a colour are tints, darker ones are shades). Pink doesn’t even really exist according to this Scientific American article. Minute Physics explains colours as wavelengths and demonstrates why pink should be more accurately called “minus green“. I wonder why that name never stuck?

If all this rumination hasn’t muddled you enough, how about taking another detour to a horror short by Vartan Nazarian : “PINK: a Lighter Shade of Red – Some Doors are Better Unopened” (no no, I couldn’t finish watching it; I can’t do scary)

To wrapup my ponderings, here is my poetic exploration:


lips pale the snow
exhale fluttering ribbons
through trembling fingers
icy silence broken by crashing winds
waft cotton candy memories melting underfoot
recite the litany buried deep
hear us
see us
as I fade into abandoned fascination of an illusion revisited


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