door to art

Tanjong Pagar Distripark

Debbie’s One Word Sunday prompt is Doors. I pored through my photos and found this one from a month ago.

We were visiting the Singapore Biennale hosted at SAM and spotted art being transported. The distinction between art gallery and working space blur as the loading docks are right where the front doors are: the experience was not unlike open kitchens in restaurants.

Originally part of seaport operations, Tanjong Pagar Distripark was repurposed as an art cluster a decade ago. We had occasion to spend some time there to enjoy the Singapore Biennale and more recently, Singapore Art Week.

I like peeking behind the scenes in addition to viewing the beautifully curated exhibitions; seeing some of the hard work that goes into making a show increases my appreciation of the whole process.


obscures sweat 
like blood trickling from a pricked finger
hardly seen
hardly felt


  1. Wonderful use of language! Both in your prose and poetry. But it took me a few seconds to get the “door to art” meaning as I looked at the first two pictures. 😉 I bet there were lots of good pieces in the biennial.


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