not a line in the sky

Monday Morning Musings

It was intended to be a short hiatus while Loving Husband was on school break. Showered with a flurry of play-filled excursions, catchups with friends & family, while gratifying, has brought me to the middle of January all too briskly.

I mused over Debbie at Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday prompt: Skyline: which of the skylines I’ve recently captured might I offer.

My thoughts turned sideways, as they often do, and I noticed the very clear morning sky.

anima obscura

not a line in the sky
far from the deep furrows on my forehead
obscures the patina carefully smoothed 


Note: anima (Latin) - soul, obscura (Latin) - dark


    1. They are rather fabulous! I am looking forward to the next clear blue sky – we have been bombarded by continuous rain these past few days! Not complaining though – temps are ridiculously cool & pleasant!

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