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Round Up of The Changing Seasons, October 2022

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrated! We gathered with the grandparents to have sushi (no turkey dinner this year) and pie.

Meanwhile, Christmas has begun on Orchard Road, a major shopping street just a little ways from us. Loving Husband and I took a chance on an early Saturday morning and found that in fact, we had the place mostly to ourselves.

It’s almost time for The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is coming soon on 30 November (7:00 am, Singapore time). Hope you will join Brian and I for a wrap-up of November (follow this link to find out more about The Changing Seasons).

Thank you to those who shared their October 2022 with us:



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely celebration – those pies look delicious! Sorry I wasn’t able to join in October, because I was away. I’m planning a joint October & November round-up 😀


  2. Such fun and deliciousness. I’ve never heard of marshmallows on pumpkin pie. And, excuse me? There’s a MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM?!?! That could be renamed “Betsy’s Happy Place,” assuming, of course, that they serve samples of the ice cream you get to read about. 😉 Well, either way, that’s going on the to see list!

    I know you’ve read one of my books, but I can’t remember which. Was it the parenting one? If so, you know my love of ice cream is a running gag. 😛


    1. Really? Did I just riff on a classic? Oh wait! Was it marshmallows on top of sweet potato casserole?!!!

      I have “101 tips …”. Now I have to get my hands on the parenting book just to catch up on your ice cream story!!!

      We haven’t been to the Museum of Ice Cream – I will wait for you to go 😆

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      1. Usually it’s marshmallows on sweet potatoes, yes, but, giiiiiiiiiiirlllll, you’re on to something with the pumpkin pie!

        Ah, ice cream…. Ooooh, I look forward to that place with you!! And the vendors with their unique ice cream sandwiches on actual bread! So bizarre to me, which is why I MUST try it, maybe aaaaaafter the durian, in case I need to cleanse my palette (and nostrils.) 😉


  3. Ju-Lyn, Sushi sounds great. That galette and pumpkin pie look delicious. Very nice holiday decorations, too. Thank you for the mention and your #weekend coffee share. I hope to join your The Changing Seasons November next week. Have a wonderful week!


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