The Changing Seasons, September 2022

Reflecting on the month past

Just like that, September comes to a close.

Despite banging up my little toe mid-month, I still enjoyed quite a few solo runs/walks during the week, and one run date with Loving Husband on Sunday mornings. Quiet, meditative outings.

This photo of an Elephant’s Ear Tree leaf was taken in my favourite Singapore Botanic Gardens. The feature photo of Loving Husband’s feet & the fallen flower of the Fish Posison Tree was taken during one of our visits to Rower’s Bay.

There was excitement in our kitchen this month: experimented with iterations of familiar favourites as well as new endeavours.

From top left, clockwise: Dorie Greenspan’s Twist Bread, breakfast sandwich made from Pão de Queijo, Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding, Joanne Chang’s Olive Oil Yogurt Cake with Grapes, Cheese Toast Salad made from Cacio e Pepe Challah, shelled fresh edamame beans, Garlic Knots from leftover pizza dough, Chopped Salad

How was your September?

About The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is a monthly project where bloggers around the world share their thoughts and feelings about the month just gone. We all approach this slightly differently, though generally with an emphasis on the photos we’ve taken during the month.

For many of us, looking back over these photos provides the structure and narrative of our post, so each month is different. Some focus on documenting the changes in a particular project — such as a garden, an art or craft project, or a photographic diary of a familiar landscape.

But in the end, it is your changing season, and you should approach it however works for you.

There are no fixed rules around post length or photo number — just a request that you respect your readers’ time and engagement.

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  1. How good all that fresh green food looks in your photos! I always get a little sad during the autumn season thinking about the fast approaching end of year, but also love how the leaf colors change where I live to bring about a whole new perspective.


    1. The summer fast forwarded way too quickly … I really can’t believe we are well into October already!

      And yes! I am so looking forward to all the beautiful fallen leaves images – we don’t experience this in Singapore so I have to vicariously enjoy this through this community.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your food looks amazing as always. Are you going to write a cookbook? You should, Ju-Lyn. Your photos are professional and looking at the food makes my mouth water. I hope your toe gets totally healed soon. Have a wonderful October. 🙂


      1. Cooking and baking takes a lot of work, and then it doesn’t always work out. Food photography is not super artistic when I do it. LOL You do a beautiful job, Ju-Lyn. 🙂


        1. Appreciate very much your encouragement & kind words, Marsha. You are absolutely right in that things in the kitchen don’t always work out – but we do love to eat, and kitchen time is mostly therapeutic, so it doesn’t feel like a chore on most days 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Your efforts in the kitchen look delicious. I live in Queensland Australia where the seasons are not so pronounced, I always enjoy seeing the Fall Colours which I don’t have here. I’ve travelled to North America during Fall and the colours are stunning. Thanks for liking up at WOTY. x


    1. I hear you on enjoying the fall colours vicariously through our North American BlogFriends – we don’t have distinct seasons in Singapore either.
      P/S Thank you for your encouragement for our kitchen antics!


    1. Thanks ever so much Natalie! Sometimes it’s just being in the right place … in this case, a very accommodating running partner who will backtrack so I can get my shot 😆


  4. Ju-Lyn, That photo of your husband’s feet running toward the blooms is such a creative start to your monthly journal and it keeps getting better. Your dishes always look so delicious. I bet they taste delicious too.
    I am sure I have a couple of photos left over for the month. I will be back with my contribution in a couple of days.


  5. I wish I lived next door so I could pick up the leftovers. I know- there won’t be any! Your food always looks fabulous. Glad you can still manage to run. Have a great month, Ju-Lyn!


    1. It’s been a good kitchen month – lots of interesting new bakes and riffs on old bakes! Looking forward to seeing you at The Changing Seasons, Ali!


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