The Changing Seasons, March 2022

contemplating the month gone by

March was another whirlwind month: on-going celebrations for Younger Child’s birthday (last zoom party last night), Lenten reflections, sustainability & eco concerns. Brian and I hope you will join us to recap the month.

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My headspace has been filled with ruminations about journeying green.

Quote taken from Dan Saladino’s book “Eating to Extinction”

Although of concern ever since I was a teenager, practicality and do-ability always got the better of me. I did what little I could, but there has always been a niggling that I can do more. Podcasts, books and conversations with other concerned green citizens have inspired me to take one more step by sharing my green explorations & attempts through a social media platform. And so, practicalgreenie was born.

I would love to hear what step towards the green you might have taken recently.

πŸ‚ πŸƒ πŸ‚ πŸƒ πŸ‚

About The Changing Seasons

The Changing Seasons is a monthly project where bloggers around the world share their thoughts and feelings about the month just gone. We all approach this slightly differently β€” though generally with an emphasis on the photos we’ve taken during the month.

For many of us, looking back over these photos provides the structure and narrative of our post, so each month is different. Some focus on documenting the changes in a particular project β€” such as a garden, an art or craft project, or a photographic diary of a familiar landscape.

But in the end, it is your changing season, and you should approach it however works for you.

There are no fixed rules around post length or photo number β€” just a request that you respect your readers’ time and engagement.

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  1. Ahh I’m so sorry about the early submission. I knew it was the end of the month and I wanted to appreciate the longer day light hours :-). I’ve seen the book, “Eating to Extinction” around. I’ll add this on my TBR. Also, I followed you on Instagram @itsjuliebear.


    1. Please please don’t apologise for being early – I love the enthusiasm, and you made your post easy to find so I didn’t overlook it!

      Thank you for finding me on IG – so delighted to find you in another space!


  2. Thanks for your leadership and inspiration, Ju-Lyn. Earth Month is very special to me and a salute your stand and actions. I’ve just followed you on Instagram. Your green leaf photo is splendid and responds to Rachel Carson’s quote that we humans can still savor the simple beauty of nature.

    And I’ll keep picking up trash to protect our streams!


    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement Sarah. Somedays & some endeavours are easier than others; but I feel like I should still try.

      Thanks so much for joining in The Changing Seasons.


    1. Thank you for connecting in this space … I realise that many are not on IG; the IG platform lends itself to quicker, shorted posts, so while I would love to have a WP site for practicalgreenie, that will have to wait.

      Thank you for sharing your step towards the green – I’ve come to realise that just awareness makes such a huge difference in the way we purchase & use things.


    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for the recommendation! I will hunt it down – my Dad will really love it … he loves the sea & stories of the ocean & fish!


  3. I remember being taught in school about the damage man was doing to nature and we were given a lesson and a film based on Rachel Carson’s book…it would have only been a few years after the book came out


  4. Oh, this post made my heart feel glad! All over the world there are people like you who are working hard to live a green life. Because of time restraints, I am not on Instagram, but if I were, I would certainly follow you. Hope you post some green living tips and thoughts on your blog.


    1. I do try Ali (thank you for the encouragement) and I hear you on the take out … we try to bring our own containers when we go to do a takeaway, but when we order online, I am right where you are too!


      1. Australia professes to be green but I don’t think it really is, especially at big events with only plastic glasses allowed and when you think about all the masks and tests that are thrown away, makes you wonder


  5. We’ve been working on going green too. It’s complicated because our world is not designed for it, but we are doing the best we can. Small things I know in the scheme of the big problem, but we are small people in a much bigger world. I think if EVERYONE did the best they could, it would help but everyone has to help, even if it is only a little bit.


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