hunt for the bat

I blinked and it’s the end of February

It feels like I just recently posted The Changing Seasons (TCS) for January and yet, my calendar tells me that it will be March next week. My TCS post will be up on Sunday, 27 January (7am Singapore time); I hope you will all join Brian and I for a review & reflection of February 2022 (follow this link to find out more about TCS).


A year or so ago, we chanced upon an oddity amongst the greenery in the Learning Forest. Stopping dead mid-run, we gawked at the Tacca chantrieri André, also known as Devil Flower, Cat’s Whiskers, and my favourite descriptive, Bat Flower. We were very taken by this black bloom and relished the challenge of spotting it amongst the low lying shrubbery whenever we ran this stretch of pavement.

Running habits change and we forgot all about this strange beauty for a while until a random conversation last week sent us on a hunt.

Not as easy to spot as a white, red or yellow bloom, but we did manage to catch a few, declining in its cycle.


Inspired by Manja at Embarasssment of Riches, here is This Day in My Blogging History


The encounter with this peculiar bloom is my contribution to SquareOdds hosted by Becky at Life of B


    1. I would have missed it (in fact, I have run past it many times without even noticing) if I had not set out to look for it …. the colour and it’s placement make it particularly tricky.


  1. Haven’t seen the Devil’s Flower before. That is a great capture, Ju-Lynn. Time has certainly flown by. Indeed it will be March next week…and soon enough it will be the middle of the year. Keep immersing yourself in nature. I miss the Singapore greenery heaps 😊


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