the Chinese New Year run

Quietly soaking in the festive decorations

In saner times, we would have organised a run with friends to view the decorations & festive goings-on in Chinatown, preferably with fireworks thrown in. Loving Husband & I decided to run this year on the morning of the 1st day of the Chinese New Year; we thought it safer as we might have the roads to ourselves. We had reports from friends who visited during the week that it was very quiet; still, it was odd to see the streets devoid of traffic, both vehicular & pedestrian.

One of the places which people were queuing up to enter at 8am was the Buddha Relic Temple, to pray for blessings & good fortune in the year ahead.

We had to take a we-fie with the God of Fortune at θ€ε·΄εˆΉ (literally: Old Market) Telok Ayer Market, which also boasted a healthy number of diners: many cyclists post-ride, having their coffee al fresco.

One of the reasons we made this run was to hunt down the 3-storey mural recently completed by YC (more photos coming in a separate post)


  1. Feature photo is my contribution to SquareOdds hosted by Becky at Life of B. The quiet main street was very odd as it is usually thronging with vehicles and pedastrians.
  2. This post is also my contribution to


  1. Few days ago, my son said to me that he doesn’t like fireworks that much because they are so noisy. I then gave him a brief history about the invention of fireworks in China, which reminded him about the movie Kung Fu Panda, which he saw a few days ago for the first time.
    He then made the link between China and fireworks πŸ˜€


    1. Hee hee! “we-fie” is Loving Husband’s invitation for us to take a photo together with him!!! It’s just caught on …

      Isn’t it strange to see the empty roads?


  2. The first time I visited Singapore it was CNY and I went to Chinatown. I was very surprised to see it empty. “Where’s everybody?” I thought, “Singapore doesn’t have a lot of people here!”


    1. It’s all about family time for us at the end of the day – although each household is restricted to a maximum of 5 visitors a day, our little family has chosen not to socialize as a precaution. So, it’s just celebrating in our own little ways (like eating the goodies of the season!)

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  3. Wonderful decorations! I completely missed our Christmas decorations this year. We were locked down — again. Now they are relaxing it again, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be back. Meanwhile, though, wonderful decorations!

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    1. I hear you …. on and off, on and off. Thank you for enjoying our street decorations with me … it has been quiet, but good fun looking for the festive where we can.


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