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Visiting the Church & Feast of the Holy Family

Today (26 Dec 22) we celebrate the Feast of The Holy Family. Interesting how Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are depicted as the “model” family; our take-away is that this model, with all its inherent imperfections and challenges, does reflect the struggles of every family in their journey.

Loving Husband

While this family was full of love … the Holy Family … is not one of stability, tranquility and a life without challenges. (The evangelists, Matthew & Luke) portray Joseph and Mary facing each challenge together with trust in God.

Fr Matthew Weber, Catholic Star Herald, 23 Dec 20

As we begin another year still shrouded in a pandemic, my challenge is how to be better family to those in Singapore, as well as those farther from us.

Over the weekend, my mother suffered a mild stroke. While we are so grateful that she came through with no apparent deficits, the mental & emotional trauma that still lingers with her is not insignificant. It was challenging for my siblings who are in the US, and our favourite London aunt (Mom’s sister) who had to deal with helplessness and frustration of not being closer.

It is times like these when we find that all we can really do is get on our knees.

Please pray with us for all families, especially those who are challenged & struggling right now.

🙏  🙏  🙏 

As part of our SG Camino 2022, we ran around the vicinity of the Church of the Holy Family on 26 December. This Feast is typically celebrated on the Sunday between Christmas & New Year; which happened to be on this day. All images taken at the Church of the Holy Family.


    1. Thanks so much for asking about Mom – she is doing all better. There are little signs of stress & anxiety but no lingering physical symptoms. Not the kind of excitement she wants in her life, I reckon.

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  1. Dear Ju-Lyn — Thank you for asking for our prayers. I pray for all of you — and I thank you for reminding me that helplessness is a sad and powerful feeling. Your mention of your Mom’s sister and your siblings touched me greatly. I send you love.


    1. I am wrapped in prayer & love – thank you for covering us. We do not take these offerings for granted or lightly.

      Mom is doing very well, and her spirits have lifted significantly.


  2. Such a shock when something like this happens, and yet, it’s happening to someone every day. My very best wishes for a good recovery for your Mum and acceptance for the family.


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