Memories from an Airport

The last time we travelled was to Japan in October of 2019. Disney Fan Younger Child went on her Grandparent Trip, with me as a Plus 1.

The fun began at Singapore Changi Airport (feature photo). Some of the gates are quite a distance away, so travellators are there to help with the distance: escalators but for flat ground. Some choose to walk, but Younger Child loves these.

I am so glad to have this chance to think about airports, thank you Amanda at Something To Ponder About. Many of our trip reports and highlights feature places & images once at our destinations. Yet, a significant number of hours are spent in the airport on either side of the journey; in the beginning, filled with anticipation, in the end, warm memories. Apart from duty-free shopping, one of the things we do to pass the time at airports is to take photos, even if we don’t expect to use them in memory albums or posts.

Younger Child loves character photo opportunities, even if they are just flat decals on the wall.

Narita International Airport, Tokyo

Return back to Singapore. Last chance for trip photos.

Singapore Changi Airport

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  1. Thanks for joining in Ju-Lyn. We do spend a bit of time at the airports when travelling. I just realized you and I may have been travelling in Japan at the same time! Funny coincidence!


  2. I love airports and I’m thrilled to see your lovely daughter enjoying yours! When they were little, I used to take my boys to our local airport terminal to watch the planes take off and land. Thanks for bringing back the memories!


    1. We did that too, hang out at airports. And when they were older, I used to take the kids there to exercise walk in the air condition; they did not like exercising in the heat at all!


    1. We have spent much time at Subarnabhumi Airport as well – we even have our favourite corners to hang out & eat our last Auntie Annie’s pretzels, while waiting for our gate to open. We always try to give ourselves plenty of time to get there because Bangkok traffic is so unpredictable, so we often end with with lots of waiting time.


    1. I know, right? I’m starting to hear about family & friends flying again, although mostly for work & long-awaited family reunions. Maybe not so long for recreational travel.


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