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Learning Forest, Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of Loving Husband’s favourite backyard run routes takes us through the Learning Forest in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Learning Forest is … designed to integrate with the existing 6-hectare Rain Forest to form an enlarged forest habitat … (it) features a network of boardwalks and elevated walkways that allow visitors to explore habitats ranging from a freshwater forest wetland to a lowland rainforest.

National Parks Board

Canopy Trail: Products of the Forest

Canopy Trail: SPH Walk of Giants

We had a conversation about durians a few months ago. Here is an interesting story about this fruit:

EJH Corner, a former assistant director of these very gardens, proposed The Durian Theory as a theory of the origin of the first tropical tree in 1949.

Canopy Trail: Products of the Forest

Corner’s theory was inspired by his discovery of never-before-seen fruit growing in the virgin forests of Singapore, one of which is our Singaporean durian (durio singaporensis). Modern gene sequencing techniques unfortunately do not support his theory; but the conversation & “debate around this theory was important in stimulating research on the evolution, pollination & dispersal of plants”, reads the plaque.

An interesting note: although the Singaporean durian (durio singaporensis) is related to the highly-prized durians others consume with gusto, it is not considered edible as it does not have fleshy seeds; of the 29 species of durian known, only a handful are considered good enough to eat. Durian, anyone?


  1. What? There’s 29 species of durian? I’ve had durian in the Philippines and I’ve had it in the form of ice cream and candy. I love durian candy. Durian has made its way in the Asian markets in the U.S. recently. I’ll eat some but I’m not too crazy about fresh durian 🤪.


  2. There are 29 species of those things?? And I only heard about them recently from you. Wowsa! Still gotta try at least one. Maybe several. Very much understandable that that forest would be a fun place to run.


        1. I am devising a plan for when we meet: to ease you into the experience; first, a durian baked good (cream puffs with durian cream, or a layered cake with durian filling) or perhaps durian ice cream …. I actually don’t mind so much these durian products. And then we’ll see where we go from there.


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