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I look forward to my UglyFood surprise bundles. Our last visit brought even more excitement & squeals.

There were several trays of strawberries sitting at the entrance way of the UglyFood homestore.

Contents of my Surprise Bundle this week

Upon chatting with the young man who packs my veggies, I found out that these trays were going to be thrown out because many of them were mouldy and leaking juice.

I must have said something like, oh dear! what a waste! to which he replied, please feel free to take some with you if you don’t mind sorting through them. Which, of course, I excitedly said, yes please!

When I got home, I happily sorted through 11 punnets (he managed to find me these which were bleeding the least), and ended up with a colander of useable, although very ripe, fruit. I immediately cooked them with sugar & orange juice.

The next day, Baking Fiend Daughter made a Strawberry Brookie (brownie + cookie = brookie) with the cooked pulp.

Alas, we decided that the strawberry flavour was not distinctive enough. So we made a coulis out of the puree and drizzled it over the baked good. Much better!

Actually, the coulis is very tasty and we’ve been eating it over yogurt, ice cream and well, just straight of the container. It is fruit, after all.

πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“

Reading your Joyful Posts brings me to my happy place. I hope having them in one place makes it easier for you to find when you need a bit of happy therapy, too.

If you would like to join in, ping back to this post and I will include you next week.

πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“ πŸ“

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  1. Oh what a treat. We have a couple services here that deliver “not store worthy” produce and overstock products. I received it for awhile but had to stop. i loved it though.


  2. A brookie with the strawberry coulie — sounds very indulgent. When I have leftover strawberries, I like to put them in smoothies, yogurt, or put it on top of ice cream!


    1. Most of the time, our Surprise Bundle is of very good quality (they put in the bundle items that are in excess, but not necessarily close to end of life). The ones that are close to end of life that require some rescue are sold at much lower prices.

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  3. Hi Ju-Lyn, I think it’s great that you were willing to put in the effort to rescue those strawberry gems and turn them into something wonderful. Good for you.

    I wanted to share a story that just makes me smile to this day so many years after the fact. I was not my most graceful but can’t help but laugh at myself that day. I hope you get a smile from it too.

    A Manic Mannequin Memory



    1. Thanks for the encouragement Gary – I do what I can as it gives me great satisfaction reduce food waste.

      Thank you for your story: laughing at oneself is a cultivated skill … one we could all use!


  4. Loved the picture of the strawberries and the connection with other posts. Inspiring use of foods and the opportunity to score some free but still useable foods. How great that the fellow who helped you was willing to give them to you rather than throw them away. Enjoyed the post. Michele


    1. It was a good combination! We tried to incorporate the fruit puree into the brownie part, but the flavour wasn’t very pronounced. We figured the addition of the coulis would bring a better strawberry flavour.

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  5. That is so wonderful that you scored those strawberries! ! I love when tings like that happens. I am so happy for you! The delicious pastry looks like something that wouldn’t last long in my house πŸ™‚ I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend! Thanks for the coffee!


  6. Hi, Ju-Lyn – Are the strawberries in your feature photo the ones that you got free from the Ugly Fruit Company? They look perfect to me!
    I never heard of a Brookie before – I will definitely remember this.
    Thank you for joining us at What’s On Your Plate. Deb & I greatly appreciate it!


    1. Yes, these are the rescued strawberries. Had to throw about more than 3 times the amount due to mould. These look good photographed, but we could hardly eat them as is as they were very ripe.

      Brookies are new-ish to us too. We love them!

      Thank you & Deb for hosting us – I so look forward to being part of this gathering!


    1. Hee hee! I just had to spring into action again this evening to rescue a box of tiny champagne grapes that Fruit&Veg Fairy Godfather brought around. Too ripe to eat as is, so we had to cook them up. Will check tomorrow to see what state the fruit is in before we make plans.

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    1. They do look beautiful; we tried eating them straight but they were a little overripe. So cook them we did!

      Most welcome in this space, Natalie! and thank you for hosting the Coffee Share!


  7. What a great initiative ugly food bundles! Well done on using them in a variety of ways! Always happy to be included in your joyful posts, many thanks πŸ™‚


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