Moringa Leaf Pancakes

What’s On Your Plate?

Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles and I were having a conversation about eggs a few weeks ago. I told her about the moringa pancakes I made.

I received earlier that week a bumper stash of moringa leaves & pods from a good friend’s garden.

Photo credit: Green-fingered & Generous Friend, who gifted me the moringa leaves & pods

I happily used the leaves (pictured in the feature photo) to make batch after batch of pancakes (egg & sourdough discard) and omelettes.

The pods I sent to various friends with Indian cuisine know-how. I shamelessly accepted their gifts of dahls and curries cooked with the moringa pods.

It’s amazing how each dish is cooked so differently by the various households. This one came with a whole container of homemade idli.

This post is my contribution to the What’s On Your Plate Challenge hosted by Deb at TheWidowBadass & Donna at RetirementReflections


    1. Appreciate your enjoying these beautiful leaves with my Carol Ann. Which reminds me that I still have leaves in the fridge enough for one more batch of pancakes ….


  1. Wonderful photos, Ju-Lyn. At first I was thinking it was Manuka (such as Manuka honey). I think I have bought Moringa soap in the past. A beautiful smell. The dishes look unique and tasty.


    1. Before I received all these goodies from my dear friend, I didn’t really make the connection between the pods and moringa, the health food powder. And the leaves were completely new to me until she brought me the leaves & pods a few years ago.


    1. Moringa is typically sold as a powder as a superfood supplement. The leaves are not very strongly flavoured – they are a little nutty, has a slight floral scent, It’s mostly the texture they lend to the pancakes & omelettes.

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    2. The pods also don’t have a strong taste and take on the flavours of the curries they are cooked in. The skin of the pods cannot be eaten – so we scrap off the flesh with our teeth (not so different from eating artichoke leaves).

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        1. Oooh, are the flowers very big? The bunch of leaves my friend sent me had some tiny white flowers included, which I also put into my pancakes. If they were larger, we could batter them and deep fry!

          I’ve heard that the leaves are very good with seafood!

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