bridges over Punggol River

Running around Church of St Vincent de Paul & the Punggol Park Connector

As part of our Singapore Camino efforts, we ran around the Church of St Vincent de Paul on Sunday, 13 Aug, and along the park connector to Punggol Reservoir & Sengkang Riverside Park.

The Park Connector was bustling. I am of two minds about this: on one hand, I am very glad to see so many out for their morning exercise & the park connector so well-used for this purpose; one the other, it was a little nerve-wrecking to have to navigate through so many bikes, runners & walkers.

Bridge over Punggol River (from the other bridge over Punggol River)

We returned by an alternative route through roads and housing developments. Much quieter, but sadly, also less scenic.

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    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Jo. We have had lots of fun with this project – gives us some focus for our outings, and we’ve discovered so many unexpected delights!

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    1. It has been good fun exploring around the different parishes. This area is actually pretty far from where I live – half hour’s drive, which is a good distance in Singapore. One of the perks of our little Singapore Camino project: we get to visit the churches as well as explore the areas around them.

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      1. Light is so important. The reflections are perfect. I look at clarity of reflections and the color of the sky and clouds. That’s what makes it for me. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for appreciating the view with us, Donna! One of the best parts of running through different parts of Singapore is discovering new place like this – such treasures!


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