experiencing Antony Gormley

A visit to National Gallery of Singapore’s roof garden

I love the Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden at the National Gallery of Singapore: the wide open space and the commisioned art that interacts with the surroundings. I enjoyed the previous commission very much, Cao Fei’s 浮槎 Fú Chá and am glad for the opportunity to visit it several times.

Receiving an email announcing Sir Antony Gormley’s new commission, we happily made our way on the day it opened. We were met by gallery staff on the roof garden and informed we were the first visitors to Horizon Field Singapore (2021).

Horizon Field Singapore (2021) invites visitors to walk through a vast matrix of aluminium rings. Our bodies become a part of the work as we co-create the experience by stepping through the rings. The work’s title alludes to the horizon as the final limit of our perception, as our spatial and visual experience of the horizon shifts with us as we move through space and time. Gormley’s use of aluminium replaces the traditional materials of sculpture with one more associated with manufacturing or the aeronautics industry. As an open participatory work, Horizon Field Singapore expands Gormley’s approach to sculpture as a collaborative, ongoing dialogue between the artist, the artwork and the audience.

National Gallery of Singapore

This installation was quite different from our previous encounters with Antony Gormley’s work, one of which we see often in our neighbourhood, at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Contract by Antony Gormley, Gallop extension of the Singapore Botanic Gardens

There are 3 other Antony Gormley pieces scattered around the museum which we, of course, hunted down.

Close V (1998), Antony Gormley, cast iron, found on Level 1, City Hall Wing

This post is my contribution to Photographing Public Art Challenge hosted by Marsha at AlwaysWrite and Cee at Cee’sPhotoChallenges


  1. These are such interesting pieces, Ju-Lyn. The rings that people fit themselves into seems like a lot of fun and is so unique. The black statue on the floor spread eagle made me smile. The ball-playing statue looks like a statue of how my muscles seem to have evolved over the years. 🙂 I love this post for it unique artwork and great photography, Ju-Lyn.


    1. Thanks so much for viewing and delighting in the art, Marsha! I love sculpture, particularly those placed amongst public spaces. so I enjoyed collecting images of these very much.

      Liked by 1 person

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