Encounter at Church of St Mary of the Angels

As part of our on-going Singapore Camino efforts, we made a visit to the Church of St Mary of the Angels on Sunday, 18 July 2021.

It is a serene, beauty-filled Franciscan parish set against public housing and nature parks. When the children were young, we often found our way to mass here as they were one of the first parishes to have a “cry room” built into the main sancturay, which allowed parents & their young children to actively participate in the mass without worrying about disturbing other worshippers.

Our special encounter on this visit were the angels of Teguh Ostenrik.

Teguh Ostenrik … often uses recycled materials and earthy tones for his paintings and sculptures … I never wanted to create a wooden sculpture that requires me to kill trees. Instead, I collect used wood and other recycled materials for my artworks.

Forbes-Indonesia, “Arts Beneath the Waves”

How many different angels do you count?

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