Run to Church of St Stephen & along the Pelton Canal Park Connector

As part of our Singapore Camino efforts, we planned a run to the Church of St Stephen.

We found a handy side gate open so were able to venture onto church grounds, instead of our usual peering in from outside (many churches still restrict entry, even onto church grounds).

Prayers said, photos taken, we ran to the nearby Pelton Canal Park Connector.

We had the pavement to ourselves; I have never seen a handy park connectors (safe paths for exercise which connect parks) devoid of walkers, runners & cyclists on a Sunday morning before. Maybe it was the steady drizzle that kept folks in bed. Or perhaps it was because this route took us through mostly industrial estates rather than residential areas.

We were transported back to Ipoh, running along the Kinta River in a quiet, rural setting.

Kinta River, Ipoh, Dec 2019

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  1. Those park connectors do sound handy! And I’ll bet the drizzle was refreshing as you ran. Good for you two! My neighbor and I intend to start running together next month when our kids are in school. It will be very slow going to start. 🙂
    So nice you were able to get onto the church grounds! Not sure I’ve ever seen such a modern-looking Mary statue.


    1. Woo hoo! Slow and steady is very good; and it’s great you have a training partner!

      I do like running in the rain – drizzles are particularly great because they are enough to keep us cool, but not too much to get into the eyes!

      Our churches tend to be rather modern in architecture (apart from a select few which were preserved when renovated) and I guess the grottos are also reflective of that.

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