Conversation with an Allotment Gardener at Jurong Lake Gardens

I first learned about allotment gardens from Tish at WriterOnTheEdge and have been following hers with keen interest for some years now. I am fascinated by the idea of having a plot of dirt someplace else from one’s home, where you can grow whatever one pleases.

To my delight, Loving Husband & I chanced upon a large allotment plot when we explored Jurong Lake Gardens.

Loving Husband is always keen to try new chillis, higher on the Scoville Scale the better. When we caught sight of these lovelies, we were entralled.

Never having encountered purple chillies (aka Bangladesh chillies), we apologetically interupted the reverie of one of the few gardeners who was working the allotment in this early morning.

She was actually happy to answer our questions, and as our conversation progressed, it took an unexpected turn as she snipped off a couple of purple chillies, plus another brown-ish chilli for us to try, as well as a purple chilli cutting for us to try to grow at home. And to top it off, a bag to carry our stash so we could continue our run exploration around the gardens comfortably.

It was certainly an unexpectedly delightful meeting. Have you had any chance encounters recently?

This post is my contribution to TreeSquares hosted by Becky at BeckyAtWinchester


          1. Distance is not the problem, it’s all the continually changing CV landscape, govt restrictions, etc. But thanks for the well-wishes! xo


  1. Wow! I have never seen purple chilis, too. I learned something new today. Thank you. Will you start gardening then? And I smiled thinking about the gardeners. I mean, plant people are the best people.


    1. Loving Husband is our gardener … he planted some of the fruit and they are seedlings now. The cutting is producing new leaves but no roots yet – I think he’s waiting for some roots before he puts them in soil.


    1. Isn’t it a wonderful community? I didn’t have any of the little purples … all Loving Husbands …. he habitually consumes Bird’s Eye chillies so he likes them hot!

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  2. Wonderful! I did have an unexpected meeting with a fellow gardener that I didn’t know earlier this week. My container garden had completely taken over my balcony, and I needed to find new homes to some of the plants. I put an ad up on a local sale site, and one off the people who came to purchase plants was a really nice lady, living only minutes from me. We had a nice conversation about gardening, and she invited me over to her garden for some cuttings of berry bushes that she through I might like. I am planning on paying her a visit. We have allotment gardens here as well. I don’t personally have one, but there are many of them around. I think its mostly elderly people that had a big house and garden earlier in their life, and now live in apartments. The allotment gardens in our city cost as much as a a small cabin in the countryside a couple hours from here..


    1. Thank you for sharing you story of generosity! Looks like what many people are saying is true – gardeners are big-hearted and generous folk!

      Does one buy an allotment garden in your city? Ours are rented from the National Parks Board.

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      1. I’m sure they are all kinds, but I have met many very kind gardeners. Maybe it’s the rewarding process of nurturing the land that makes people kind and generous?

        Yes, you’ll have to buy an allotment garden here. Land prices in our city are sky-high, a small lot will go for something like $70-80K.


    1. The chilli eating is done entirely by Loving Husband … he enjoyed them! The cutting has survived and is perky in a vase of water … he is waiting for them to root.


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