The Lone Tree, Jurong Lake Gardens

When we ran around the neigbourhood of Church of St Francis of Assisi as part of our Singapore Camino efforts earlier this year, we noted the presence of the Jurong Lake Gardens nearby. We determined to return to explore.

One of the highlights of our visit was encountering this sight. As we came round a corner, in a wide expanse of grassland, stood this naked tree, missing all its leaves.

It was only when we got much closer that we realised that it was an iron sculpture, called The Lone Tree (by Hang Ka Kee & Gao Chuanxiang)

Contrary to what it looks like at the first glance, the Lone Tree is not an actual tree! It is a sculpture made from recycled iron reinforcement bars salvaged from the old park’s path, an inspired way of reusing materials and an ode to the industrial origins of Jurong.


We didn’t have the tree to ourselves for much of the visit as there were families & groups of friends waiting their turn with their professional photographs in tow.

We will just to have to rerturn to take close ups of this sculpture tree, and perhaps indulge in some artistic captures as well:

Meanwile, for a closer look at the iron bars of this sculpture, take a look at SmartLocal’s post.

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  1. Dear Ju-Lyn — Thank you for bringing this to us. I particularly appreciate (as you did) the sculpture’s tribute to the industrial past of the park. I’m fascinated by industrial ruins, and to see the metal bits “returned” to the land’s original beauty is just splendid.


  2. oh my! I had to read it multiple times before I really accepted this isn’t real! What a fantastic #TreeSquare, so happy you have joined in the fun of squares again


    1. It was pretty unreal for us too! And we were right there. We were only really convinced when we read the accompanying plaque.

      Thank you so much for hosting TreeSquares – I was so looking forward to July for this reason!

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    1. I know, right? We were too … even up close, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes! Only after we read the information plaque did we allow ourselves to accept the fact!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful sculpture and having had a peak at the pictures in Smartlocal’s post the park has quite a few interesting and fun features!


    1. It certainly kept me enthralled and wondering for the long approach towards it! It wasn’t until we got real close to it that we were able to mentally register that it was, in fact, a sculpture!


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