Church of the Risen Christ & Toa Payoh Town Park

We are very fortunate to have a car; this is not a given for all households in Singapore. With it, we are mobile and I don’t have to ride on a crowded bus or train, a nerve-wrecking proposition for me in this crazy time when distancing is paramount. We are therefore are able to drive to different places to run & explore; I am very grateful.

We ran around the Church of the Risen Christ as part of our SG Camino effort at the end of May, enjoying a different neighbourhood, and yet another lovely park.

Toa Payoh Town Park is a green space which is considerately designed for strolling to take in the fresh air, sitting a while to contemplate, exercising surrounded by the positive energy of trees. It was like visiting many different worlds in the time it took us to ramble through it.

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    1. I see you like plants with interesting leaves – the anthurium magnificum has fabulous variegated leaves!

      The tax on cars is very high – the government’s attempt to limit the number of vehicles to help with congestion.


      1. Yes, I like leaves in general. I enjoy the veining on the magnificum and its enormous dinnerplate leaves. Also, in some plants I like variegation but in others I feel like it ruins it. And I see, seems like a pretty smart thing to do for the government. Wonder why this is not done in congested places in The Ph.


    1. I’ve only noticed this year how many of our churches are entrenched firmly in neighbourhood corners/streets and are so much a part of the landscape. I guess that’s how it should be, although I do love a grand cathedral and gothic architecture (can you tell I am missing Europe).

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