The Changing Seasons, May 2021

Happy Place, Happy Space

It has been a couple of weeks since Singapore has progressively tightened its pandemic measures. Schools are now closed and we are advised to work from home. There is also no dining-in at restaurants and we are asked to go out in groups no larger than 2.

So when we ran the Toa Payoh/Whampoa area on 28 May as part of our Singapore Camino efforts, we found the parks and roads quiet.

Keep safe, sane and well.


Reading your Joyful Posts brings me to my happy place. I hope having them in one place makes it easier for you to find when you need a bit of happy therapy, too.

If you would like to join in, ping back to this post and I will include you next week.



  1. On an island with high density population the restrictions have to be tight, don’t they, but goodness it’s depressing at times. Where did freedom go? Hope you folks are in the clear soon, Ju-Lyn πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks so much Jo. Yes, we have to be super careful – we are so many in such a small place and so dependant on our neighbours around us


  2. Singapore does some lovely parks, doesn’t it?

    Hope your numbers get weaker super soon. I know here in Thailand we are so SICK of it! Schools and parks closed too. GAH!


  3. I’m sorry to read that Singapore has entered a more restricted period; hopefully it will be short and effective. Your images are lovely. I have only spent a very short time in Singapore and I confess it was so humid that all I wanted was to find air-conditioned buildings to shelter in.


    1. I’m afraid one never really gets used to the humidity – our bodies must somehow acclimate to it, but it always hits us when we step outdoors! Mornings tend to be more tolerable (on most days), which is why I prefer to run then.

      Thank you for the well-wishes – I am glad we were able to respond to the rising numbers. The increased restriction seems to have positive effects, so it looks like we may not need to go into full lockdown. Keeping fingers crossed.

      Have a safe and healthy week, Su!

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  4. Stunning photos. It’s so easy to dream of going to other places but forgetting to visit all the things our own towns and cities and region have to offer.


    1. Thanks Kristin!
      And I think you’re right – we often don’t explore right where we are because we are caught up in the daily grind. But now that have time and space, it is an excellent time to venture forth in our neighbourhood!


    1. I know, right? One of the effects of increased restrictions – not a bad thing at all as I feel safer being out.

      Have a good week, Natalie! and thank you again for hosting the Coffee Share!


    1. It is a lovely little park, isn’t it? We have never been there before although we have driven past a number of times – one of the joys of taking the time to explore the neighbourhoods!

      Yes, I switched over to this blog because the other one was reaching capacity – I dithered a long time whether I wanted to pay to increase the space, or take the plunge and start a new blog. I figured that with the concerted start to run around our parishes in 2021, it would be an appropriate time to start this particular blog.

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      1. Thanks for the explanation. I was confused. I hope I’m properly following along with the new blog now. How did the old one reach capacity? Like, number of permissible photos, or…?


        1. I’m glad we managed to reconnect on this new blog – this is one of the things I was concerned about: that I would lose touch with BlogFriends like yourself in the switchover!

          I think it was reaching capacity (I think I was at 80%) after 5 years of blogs – maybe lots of images?

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    1. I’m afraid we are not exempt from a “2nd wave” , but I think it’s good that we increased restrictions, because it looks like the numbers are calming down. It is what it is. And yes, I am glad for my runs … it really keeps me sane!


  5. Toa Payoh Parks looks so peaceful. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I’ve always imagined it as a high density area — more so than Los Angeles. When we tightened lock down here it was so unusual to see a less crowded Los Angeles especially in the touristy areas.

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    1. We are very much a high-density island, although the govt has worked hard to maintain and carve out green & public spaces.

      We are certainly much smaller than LA but the feeling would be the same regarding tourist spots – the relative quiet is quite unusual and a little freaky!


    1. It’s my slice of sanity! and it’s a bonus that the pathways and roads are fairly quiet these days! Hope you are recovering well and able to be out and about!


    1. I’m actually glad that there are measures taken given the rise in our numbers – it makes me feel safer when I do have to go out.

      Yes, we are all praying that this madness will pass sooner rather than later.

      And you are always always welcome in this space, Laurie!

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