simple pleasures of a doughstick

You Zhar Kuey (fried doughstick) at Bukit Panjang Market

We popped into Bukit Panjang Market after our SG Camino run to St Joseph’s Church on 2 April 2021.

We were drawn to a shop dedicated to a simple yet beloved breakfast & snack food: you zhar kueh, or dough sticks. Also sold were a plethora of other fried goodies as well: curry puffs, spring rolls, onion pancakes.

Doughstick Heaven (not the actual name of the shop; signage was for a Seafood restaurant) was bustling. There were four people in the back, each manning their own wok filled with oil and various pastries; one dedicated person arranging the cooked goodies onto the display trays; one skilfully working the dough into the long strips (on the left in the above image); and finally, our Guy (right in the above image) working at lightning speed, taking & filling our orders.

One my favourite ways to enjoy doughsticks is as a topping for tau suan, a hot, sweet dessert made with mung beans (this particular bowl was procured from Tiong Bahru Market on another occasion).

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