powder puffs

Beauties of Pasir Ris Park

We started our SG Camino run to the Church of Divine Mercy much later than we’d planned on this sunny Sunday, 25 April 2021.

For some respite from the blaze, we nipped into the beachside Pasir Ris Park

I have never been to this park before. Loving Husband last visited almost 20 years ago – he was amazed by the transformation of a tiny beach side area with BBQ pits and barely a toilet, to the sprawling, well-utilised green community space it is today.

We stopped several times to gawk at wildlife (along with many other people who were the trigger for the halts). I love my iPhone – but on these occasions, I just couldn’t do justice. Instead, I share this stunning video made by a resident photographer/fan of Pasir Ris Park).



  1. What a beautiful place to run! I love exploring new places. And I am in favor of anything that gives me an excuse to pause and gawk during a run. Those powder puffs are gorgeous – so exotic!


    1. I hadn’t thought of these flowers as native to the tropics – but they apparently are! Glad you enjoyed them as I did!

      I know many runners who are not fans of stopping during a run (disrupting pace, etc etc) – but I’ve always welcomed distractions during a run!!! Glad to know that you do, too!


  2. Ju-Lyn, wow! The powder puff flowers are stunning and I’ve never seen anything like it! πŸ˜€ I’m so happy you had a great time at the park … and hope the child can recover the kite one day!πŸ˜€


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