Mural in Geylang

We chanced upon this whimsical piece of art on 11 Apr 21 when visited the Church of Our Lady, Queen of Peace as part of our SG Camino effort. It was a blazing Sunday morning and we were running along the Geylang river. The striking colours and shadows of this mural on the side of The Tuckshop caught my eye and I detoured to take a closer look.

outdoor seating area,The Tuckshop

This is not a part of Singapore I have explored much; it was traditionally the seedier part of the island as Geylang accommodates the only official red-light district in our island-city. They have gentrified the area and it no longer carries the shabby, sleazy vibe. Businesses like the The Tuckshop rejuvenate the area by inhabiting old buildings, bringing a hip & modern feel to a gathering place for the young & trendy.

Mural by Nicha Jaroensuk

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    1. I was a little perplexed how to get around those chairs (and their shadows) but I am glad that I got them as well in retrospect!

      Geylang is extremely gentrified now – still lots of good spots to explore though!


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