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Mural at Punggol Waterway Park

We ran around along the Punggol Waterway on 4 April 2021, when we visited the Church of the Transfiguration as part of our SG Camino.

“Accident”, Sonny Liew (Sunset Strip of the Punggol Waterway)

Sonny Liew‘s mural is a visual depiction of local writer Gilbert Koh’s poem, Accident. This is part of project LAVA, a public service initiative to engage audiences through art installations inspired by literary works.

poetic robots

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    1. I love the poem too!
      This is the serendipity that tickles me! When I snapped the mural from across the canal way, I didn’t even notice the speech bubbles. It’s only when I was editing the photos and did a little poking around that I realised that this mural is poem-inspired!

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