proudly pink

Teochew Rice Cake

It really is that pink!

Combing through my Google Photos for pink things for Jude’s Life in Colour: Pink, I found this very bright savoury delight.

These rice cakes, Teochew Poong Tor 潮州饭桃 (literally meaning Teochew rice peaches) are a symbol of longevity. The origin of this shape & hue is to symbolise peaches for the offering altar to the gods. Along with other savoury extra-large dumplings, these are a popular breakfast, or snack, in Singapore.

The pink Poong Tor is stuffed with glutinous rice, dried shrimp & mushroom. The round one, Ku Chye Kuey (Garlic Chive Dumpling) is filled with chives. The one on the right is filled with jicama and is called Bang Kwang Kuey (Jicama/Turnip Dumpling).

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            1. Good guess! And you are right! The classic is a mung bean paste one. Then we also have yam, green bean, black sesame, peanut, durian even! And many of them have coconut in them!

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    1. I hear you – my breakfasts tend to be toast or oatmeal. But Singaporeans love their cooked savouries for breakfast, so we see the dim sum, all sort of dumpling-like foods, and noodles of all sorts!

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  1. That pink is unlike any peach colour that I have seen! I wouldn’t fancy these for breakfast but they’d make a nice snack. Do you know what is used to colour the pink one Ju-Lyn?


  2. What a wonderful pink this poong tor is! It’s been ages since I’ve eaten any of them. Like them all but the bang kang kuey is my favourite. The ones in your photo look delicious.


    1. They are certainly not the rice cakes I’ve eaten in the US – these are more like dumplings! I think they are delicious, but my expat friends either love them or hate them!

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