i want to try every thing

Upcycled Art at the SIngapore Botanic Gardens

Ventured to the Green Pavillion at the Botany Centre after my run to be pleasantly surprised by artwork by preschool children around the theme of Hello Future: Connecting People & Nature. Hosted by Singapore Art Museum (SAM) these children were invited to “create art that reveals how nature and contemporary ecological issues are viewed through their eyes“.

Our Favourite, children of the Nobleland Arts N Learning Place@Waterway, 2021, mixed media, 84x108cm, inspired by We are Family by Vicente Delgado

The following song is one of Younger Daughter’s favourites: it reminds me that even with all the mistakes we’ve made including the hurt we’ve caused our planet, we can still pick ourselves up and try again. It is not too late to start again … try everything.

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        1. Reminds me of the Wordsworth poem, “My Heart Leaps Up” – I know it doesn’t quite mean what it says, but my favourite line has always been “the child is father of the man”


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