Rasa Sayang

Mural on Armenian Street

Titled Rasa Sayang (translated from the Malay, it means loving feeling), this mural is found at the end of a row of shophouses on Armenian Street. It was commissioned by the National Heritage Board to commemorate the reopening of the street as a pedestrian mall.

Rasa Sayang

The mural draws from Peranakan (Straits Chinese) heritage and scenes from life in the kampong (translated from Malay: enclosure or village)

“Rasa Sayang” is a folk song we learnt as children. I found this whimsical rap version made with footage of Singapore in the 1980s.

This post is my contribution to Monday Mural hosted by Sami at ColourfulWorld.


    1. And in fact, I did take a while to get around to all the different stories being told. It’s quite fun!

      Thanks for sharing in my delight, Elizabeth!


  1. That shows a fascinating story about life in a community that’s totally unfamiliar to me, so I find it really wonderful to see. I would love to know more about them.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com


    1. I guess by your turn of phrase, the restaurant is no longer in operation? Thanks for enjoying the mural, Su!

      P/S An unrelated comment: I was out this morning and I saw 2 other people admiring a sculpture. I immediately thought of you and your “Special Moments” post and “recording the experience of art”. I managed to capture the moment on my phone … I am so very pleased with myself!


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