strutting up close to the rescue

Mr Rooster saves the day in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Trying to take a decent macro for Dr B’s Challenge Your Camera: Close Up was quite a task on my iPhone 7. I read the online instructions, tried it out, but was still struggling. BlogFriends using iPhones – any tips?

Fortunately for me, Mr Rooster came to the rescue; not the close up I had in mind, but there he was, a Red Jungle Fowl, strutting within a metre of me and struck a pose. He was neither fussed by my presence nor the constant foot traffic behind him.

This post is my contribution:


  1. It’s very difficult to get a macro photo of something that’s moving. The best way to practice is at home, you have complete control in that case, you can put some object on a table, rest your elbows on a table for steadiness then fire away. Choose different objects and test the limits of your iPhone by moving closer no zoom, then move back say 6” and zoom in. Try it.


    1. Thank you for the advice – I have been trying what you say. Going in without the zoom, then backing up, then zooming in is quite a paradigm shift. Sometime better results than others.

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