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Just One Person: Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

Stopped to watch this group of Taichi Sword practitioners as we were running through Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. I was very captivated by this animated man as he worked his way through the routine.

Inspired by Sandy at TheSandyChronicles and the Just One Person Around the World community & challenge hosted by Cadyluck Leedy at ThatTravelLadyInHerShoes, I have determined to work on my street portraiture, something which I haven’t really tried before.

Thinking about the many people that I shared the park with, I am reminded of the following song which I first heard on Sesame Street.

A capella version of a Sesame St classic

This is my contribution to


  1. Hi Ju-Lyn, sorry to be late in finding your post. For some reason I did not get a pingback on any of your links. Very strange behavior from WordPress. I’d rap their knuckles if they were close by 🙂

    Congratulations on your street photo. You’ve done well in capturing the motion and context of these people practising taichi. It’s a unique activity in an unusual (to most) outdoor spot. So interesting to see. Good for you in capturing the man’s face. I think you must have waited purposely to get that!


    1. Thanks for finding my post, Sandy! I think I need to be more diligent in copy/pasting my links from now on ….

      Actually, my challenge in taking photographs is that I can’t see so well what is being captured on my phone screen. I just took a number of shots and hoped one of them would work – part of the challenge of why this sort of photography is so challenging.

      I did stand there watching them for quite a while though, hoping they wouldn’t be too bothered by my presence.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will keep working at this.

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    1. This was actually my first time in this park. I think most exercise groups meet on a weekly basis. And yes, there were quite a few different groups doing different exercise activities scattered around.


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